Our Reputation Speaks for
Come and try class for 2 weeks to see if
this is for you.

It's a pleasure that you are considering becoming a member of our
school, as a member and student of Grandmaster Chun Tae Kwon
Do, an Award Winning and nationally recognized school. As you will
see, we take great pride in our students and in the Martial Arts
we teach.

For almost 40 years, we've been committed to building and
developing our students to become the best they can possibly be.
This website will help you get introduced and answer as many
questions as we can so you may feel comfortable and informed
about our school. As students train to become Black Belt
Champions, they will experience progress, growth and change in
the dojo (martial arts school) and in many areas of their lives.
Many students have reported to us that the increased level of
physical fitness and confidence they've gained through their
martial arts experience has allowed them to perform better at
work, in school and at home. We hope that you will find our staff of
Black Belt instructors to be a very positive influence in your life.

Our main objective is to provide you with high quality Martial Arts
instruction in a positive, safe and encouraging environment. Our
innovative teaching methods and unique curriculum are designed to
allow you to learn in a  step-by-step fashion. Over the course of
your training you will gradually be exposed to a variety of
extremely effective blocks, strikes and defense techniques that
will give you confidence and a very high level of overall physical
fitness. You will also develop extreme mental focus and a new
respect for yourself and your fellow classmates as you continually
reach every new goal you set.

Stay focused and remember, "A journey of 1,000 miles begins
with a single step."
Don't give up and you too can achieve all of your goals.
A Black Belt is waiting for you at Grandmaster Chun TKD Center.
Demo Team "The Clueless Chosen"
wins 1st Place Grandchampion Demo
Team at the Battle of Columbus World
Games. March 2007. Natasha, Athena,
Matt, Bryan, Ben, Harry, Ken, Kat,
Dan and Rana.
Contact Wooster and Boardman School @
Click the pictures to watch the demos.
The first picture is us Friday Night and the second
picture is us on Saturday competing for Best of
the Best. To see the second half saturday click the
text box underneath the picture.
Click here for part 2
Wooster Demo Team "The Clueless Chosen"
wins Grandchampion Demo Team in Columbus!
This is a slideshow of the demo team and students
who went to the Battle of Columbus World
Championship. It is about 9 min. long. Pictures
courtsey of Grandmaster Joon P. Choi's website.
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